The Visualizer® Set

Planning for Universal and Accessible Design Just Got Easier!
Introducing the revolutionary new Visualizer.®

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image of the visualizer set and stamp

For years, I struggled for a way to visually demonstrate wheelchair maneuverability to my clients when we were reviewing plans. After many refinements, I created a device that not only helped clients visualize how spaces are negotiated ... it also became an invaluable design and planning tool. The response from other design professionals was so great that I decided to make the tool available to my colleagues. Hence, the birth of the Visualizer®!

We offer the Visualizer® Set as a complete 1/8", 1/4" and 1/2" scale set.

This simple, yet powerful tool has greatly enhanced my ability to design and communicate about universal and accessible environments. I know you'll see the benefits for both you and your clients as soon as you try it.

Who can benefit from using using the patented technology of the Visualizer®: Architects, interior designers, space planners, specifiers, building & home owners, students and educators in related fields.

The Visualizer® Set

image of the visualizer setThe Visualizer® Set consists of three interchangeable human icon figures with 2 tapered wands illustrating a wheelchair footprint of 30" x 48" and a 5'-0" turning radius in 1/8", 1/4" and 1/2" scale.

The manually operated, three dimensional figures maneuvers easily over plans to visually demonstrate accessibility within any environment. The transparent base (a 60" diameter turning radius) allows all plan details to remain visible.

The Visualizer® Set (includes 3 variable scale figures, wands and carrying case).

Scale Conversion 1/8 = 1'-0"
1:100 (metric)
1/4 = 1'-0"
1:50 (metric)
1/2 = 1'-0"
1:25 (metric)


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How Does It Work

The Visualizer® is intended to make planning for universal and accessible design as easy as 1,2,3. The patented technology of the 3-dimensional Visualizer® planning tool is specifically intended to reflect movements of people using a wheelchair and similar mobility equipment. This brings to life the design implications in a holistic way and not just at the design level.

Remove appropriate scaled figure from case and insert wand.

image of visualizer wand install

Insert wand horizontally into recess and tilt up for snug fit. Small wand only for use with 1/8" scale figure. Larger wand for use with both 1/4" and 1/2" scale figures. Icon figures can be used with or without wands when placed on drawings.

Glide the Visualizer® over the plan to verify clearances and maneuverability.

image of visualizer in use

When you discover a potential area of change, highlight the area.                                                                                   

image of area to change with the visualizer

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