Crossing the Line®

Part 1: Crossing the Line® DVD

Designing For People with Disabilities

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About The Video

Crossing the Line® is the first of a five-part series of educational videos called The ABCs of Accessibility® inc. The series provides education, design, construction and product recommendations in the field of accessibility to professionals who design and build both residential and commercial living environments. Each video provides practical, proven, real-life information on the most effective ways to create living environments for people with disabilities and the aging population.

As the foundation of the series, Crossing the Line® introduces the audience to people with disabilities, and allows them to demonstrate firsthand how their lives are affected by the built environment. The video provides useful, down-to-earth information about:

  • Different types of disabilities and how they affect daily life
  • The most common design challenges and considerations
  • Solutions that illustrate how form follows function
  • Successful design, construction and product applications for both new and modified living environments


Viewer Comment:

"... it was great to get a sense of who these people really are and what their daily lives are like. I sometimes have a tendency to think about the problem to solve, rather than the person who has the problem. The ending, with the phone call to the contractor, made me think of how I would respond in that situation. I also thought the production quality was first rate, as was the narration." Mike, New York

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